VIDEO: Vote 1 Zac Anderson


At 5:00pm on Friday 3 October (this Friday!), voting closes in CLEO’s Most Eligible Bachelor competition for 2014.

In collaboration with our media partner, Sea FM, Mariner Zac Anderson – one of 30 finalists in the competition – has shown his humorous side by helping put together a three minute video to show why he should take out the title of Australia’s Most Eligible Bachelor when the winner is announced in late October.  

Thanks to everyone at Sea FM (but especially Stephanie Zalfelds, Nath Cera, Dani Pola, Kiri Martin, Chris Bezzina & Alana Hall) for getting behind Zac’s tilt to take out the title.

WARNING: This video contains ample shots of Zac’s abdominal area, arms and face. Viewers who may be offended by rock hard tummies, impressive biceps are stunning smiles are advised to watch at their own discretion. Basically, take a seat before you press play, ladies!