Statement from the Chairman


Central Coast Mariners Chairman, Mr Peter Turnbull, makes the following statements in relation to the recent media coverage concerning football in Australia.

Central Coast Mariners Chairman, Mr Peter Turnbull, makes the following statements in relation to the recent media coverage concerning football in Australia;

“Like all football followers, I have been keenly watching the developments of the last few weeks. There are many points raised by Clive Palmer that have merit, and indeed they have been raised and discussed between the owners, and with the FFA on several occasions. But other issues raised by Clive do not – the manner of their raising is also most unfortunate and simply not helpful.”

“There is no doubt that after seven years of ever-increasing losses, the owners- stamina and willingness to donate to the cause of football is wearing thin. While these losses mount, there is a need for the owners to be in more control of how their investment is managed, as they are the ones in reality that are fronting the bills on a daily basis for all football followers. Two government reports and the original PFA (Professional Footballers Australia) model have demanded it, and the FFA have now promised it. We can only achieve change in a unified manner with the FFA.”

“Owning a football club is a tough gig, and one that requires huge commitment for questionable reward. If my family and I were not a football family of 75 years standing in the game, I would not do it. But, because of the satisfaction we get from supporting football in Australia and on the Central Coast, we continue to make the commitment to the game.”

“The way that this issue has developed to its current state is not the right way. This episode is damaging the game I love, and that we have invested so heavily in emotionally and financially. It goes without saying that this episode has a detrimental effect on the large investment that we have been negotiating to bring to the sport for the last two-and-a-half months.”

“This time of the season is traditionally the most exciting – it is the run to the Finals. Who will be Premiers? Who will be the top two? Where is the Grand Final to be played? Who will be the Champions? Can your team make the semis? These are the questions we should be answering right now.”

“As well as the Finals run-in, we have the AFC Champions League starting this coming week, and the pundits say it sees Australia with the best chance yet for success with the way that the Mariners and the Roar play the game.”

“I urge all parties, all clubs, Clive, the FFA and all in the football family to put aside their disputes for the good of the game, and build on what has been a tremendous on-field year. After the Hyundai A-League season is complete, we have many things that need to be reviewed and resolved. That is why off-seasons were invented!”

“For Mariners Members and fans, the best thing we can do for the game is to show up in support of ‘Arnie- (Graham Arnold) and the players, support them to the final whistle and enjoy the end of what has been an amazing campaign both on and off the pitch.”