SKINS Strength & Conditioning Series | Part 3


In the third of our SKINS Strength & Conditioning series with Andrew Clark, our club fitness guru talks about the importance of injury prevention for a professional footballer.

Prevent the preventable

“A large percentage of the injuries that occur in football are preventable.

The Mariners medical team work hard work hard to screen players, identify biomechanical problems, identify faulty movement patterns, and prescribe programs to make sure that players remain injury free.

At the Mariners, injury prevention programs aren-t something that are done alone in a gym – injury prevention programs form a part of everyday training.

Our major focuses usually centre around range of motion, eccentric loading, core strengthening and stability programs.
Wherever possible we always perform these movements in a football specific manner.

You will see daily in the Mariners training programs that injury prevention plays a critical role to make sure every player is available for selection every week.”