SKINS Strength & Conditioning Series | Part 2


In the second of our new Skins Strength & Conditioning series with Andrew Clark, our club fitness guru talks about the importance of recovery for a professional footballer.

Recover to go harder!

“Without an appropriate recovery plan, players can-t expect to perform at their best every day.

At the moment the Mariners are competing in the Asian Champions League and the Hyundai A-League. With the amount of training and playing that the players are asked to perform, recovery techniques are essential to make sure they go the distance.

Some of the recovery methods that we use on a daily basis at the Mariners include ice baths, appropriate warm downs, stretching techniques, and most importantly good nutrition and sleep patterns.

Our evidence based recovery programs are one of the basics that all of our players have to get right if they are to deal with the training loads that we place on them.

A good recovery program ensures that our players are able to perform at their maximum for each and every game that the Mariners compete in.

Get the basics right with recovery and you-re ensuring that you have a chance to perform at your best.

There are many factors that go towards winning a Championship. The importance of recovery programs cannot be underestimated.

Whether the boys are recovering from a game or travelling to Asian destinations, Skins play a vital role in providing compression garments to help us with our recovery.”