Peterson fresh following NYL pause


WE spoke with forward Aaron Peterson ahead of tomorrow’s National Youth League Round 11 clash with Western Sydney Wanderers Youth.

CENTRAL Coast Mariners National Youth League forward Aaron Peterson caught up with ahead of tomorrow-s Round 11 clash with Western Sydney Wanderers Youth.

We have just had the Christmas break; it must have been good to have a rest?
Personally, it was a good time to have a break. I have had an injury, so it was good to help recover from that so that I don-t miss too many games. However, we-ve been back in training the last two days with Phil Moss.

What-s the feeling like amongst the squad in the lead up to tomorrow-s match with Western Sydney?
There is definitely a buzz amongst the squad for tomorrow-s game. We-re looking really forward to it.

You played the Wanderers just over a month ago, back in Round 7. It was a dominant display from the side in a 3-0 win. Western Sydney haven-t had a great season, they are in ninth spot and have only won two matches. What are you expecting from them?
I know some of the boys personally and from what I hear there will be a few boys from the first-team dropping down, I think it-s going to be a pretty interesting game.

We-re over halfway through the season. How do you assess the team-s performance so far this season and what improvements can be made?
I hear the team weren-t doing too well this time last year and then they went on a winning streak after the Christmas break and won the league. At the moment, I think we are sitting comfortably at the top. I do think we could work a bit on our defensive shape, we have been conceding some easy goals.

It-s obviously your first season at the Mariners after your time with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), how has (NYL Head Coach) John McLafferty been to work with?=
It-s been good; he-s given a lot of confidence to the boys. John has individual talks with each player and tells you what you can do to continue to improve. Personally, I rate him as a coach.

On an individual note, what age did you start playing football and why?
I was five when I started playing. I used to love having a kick in the backyard with my brothers and from there I took it on.

Where would you like to see yourself in five years time?
I would like to be overseas, if not I would love to be in the A-League.

Finally, what would be your favourite football memory?
It would have to be my time with the AIS.

Central Coast Mariners Youth next face Western Sydney Wanderers Youth tomorrow, 5 January at Cook Park, St Mary-s. Kick off is 3pm.