Okon: You can be the difference


On Monday Central Coast Mariners’ Head Coach Paul Okon penned a letter to our Members ahead of Saturday’s match against the Western Sydney Wanderers.

Since my arrival on the Central Coast the response from our Members has been great and I think we saw on Thursday night what a loud and proud Central Coast Stadium can do.

Paul Okon’s letter to the Members: 

We had a taste of it the week before in the #F3Derby and we performed well. The reward for all of us leaving Newcastle was that we were excited about our upcoming run of home games where we have the opportunity to give something back to our Members and the people who have been supporting us. We did that on Thursday in great fashion in a really exciting game and you were all a big part of that performance.

In my pre-game talk I speak to the players about needing to give the Members a team that’s going to play dynamic football, a team that’s going to excite the Members and a team that works incredibly hard. I think we’ve managed to do that.

There’s a message there and that’s to come out and support us. If you do, we will continue to get better and better with your support. Your support will make these players take their game to another level.

We are here to win football games, we are here to make the top six and that can only be possible if we can continue to get that type of support at our home games and so far the support has been amazing.

This Saturday is a big challenge for us on the pitch. Obviously the Wanderers are a good side and off the field they have good support so this is a perfect opportunity for our supporters to really show the league that we can be loud and that they can make a difference to our performance. What our home support can do for our boys is a part of our preparation. We want to send our supporters home proud of their team.

I hear that the club has given all Members two bring a friend for free tickets, now is the time to use them!

We talk about every player having their own reasons to win. In a football game in any given moment you can think about the reason you want to win and it can be anything as simple as wanting three points or playing for a particular person but within our DNA there must be a part of us that says “I’m playing for these people that are coming here in yellow jerseys.”

The club has been built on those foundations and we need to maintain them because that’s the best way for us to get back to the successful times at this club.

This Saturday is a big opportunity to make a statement, we’re in the top six, no one expected us to be there and I think this team is giving you a reason to turn up. When you make the decision to come, bring along as many people as you can, tell them that they’re going to be proud of what they see and that they will have an impact on the team.

To anyone right now not sure about coming to the game on Saturday I would tell them that they can make a difference. You can be the difference to us winning and losing, it’s that simple. If we get that support the players won’t let you down.

Lastly I would like to say a big thank you to the Members of the Central Coast Mariners for welcoming me with open arms. To be a Member means that you are a part of a family. That’s what this club was built on, that family mentality.

It’s one thing to go to a football game to support a team but there’s a completely different feeling when you become a Member and the team becomes your own. That’s what being a part of the family is all about, this team is yours and we play to make this family proud.

Match Details
Hyundai A-League 2016/17 – Round 9
Saturday 3 December 2016
Central Coast Mariners vs. Western Sydney Wanderers
Venue: Central Coast Stadium, Gosford  
kick-off: 5:35pm (AEDT)
Official hash-tags: #CCMvWSW & #CCMFC
TV Broadcast: Fox Sports 505
Radio Broadcast: 96.3 Coast FM