Moss: “Looking for all three points”


GETTING to sleep after a game of football is never easy!

GETTING to sleep after a game of football is never easy!

The millions of things racing through your mind, the adrenalin, the emotion, the result… they-re all there to ensure closing your eyes doesn-t come easily.

A loss usually makes it even harder.

But not all losses!

I have to admit I slept pretty well after last weekend-s 2-1 F3 derby defeat to Newcastle and I know my boss did too.

It-s because we were quietly happy with the performance of the team. Can we get better? Yes, we must and we-re all aware of that.

But for this stage of the season (round 3), we are in a much better position than we were at the same point last campaign.

After three rounds we were one point from nine and our form was erratic at best.

Now, we sit on four points from nine and our form is building steadily in the right direction.

Our defensive structure – the cornerstone of our success over the past two years – has been fantastic since round 1 against Western Sydney.

You can-t legislate for penalties like the one Emile Heskey was awarded last weekend in just the 5th minute. The Jets second goal was a little soft on our behalf and that is something that Graham Arnold addressed this week.

Without making excuses last weekend was one of those games we just weren-t meant to win with key decisions going against us from the first minute to the 96th.

A lot has been said and written about referee Ben Williams- performance on the day so I don-t need to add to it here.

Our player and ball movement was an improvement on the 1-0 victory over Perth Glory a week earlier and when opposition coach Gary Van Egmond admitted in the post-match press conference that we were the better team on the day, then you know you are heading in the right direction.

That said though it was a loss. And losses always stir a reaction at our club.

That reaction started on the training pitch this week and leaves us heading for Melbourne tomorrow to take on Heart on Sunday in a very determined frame of mind.

With the likes of Adriano Pellegrino, Ollie Bozanic, Adam Kwasnik, Troy Hearfield, Zac Anderson, Brent Griffiths, Brad McDonald and Justin Pasfield all performing very strongly in the youth team over two games in five days last week against Western Sydney and the Jets, competition for places in the first team are now at an all-time high for this season (another thing that will cost ‘Arnie- a bit of sleep!).

Melbourne Heart are always a tough test at AAMI Park but we love playing there and will head south looking for all three points.

The hosts will be buoyed by the signing this week of former Socceroo midfielder Vinnie Grella. Though he is unlikely to play against us we are prepared tactically to cope with whatever they throw at us.

Kick-off can-t come quick enough!