Mielekamp: You can help us win an #F3Derby


On the Coast Football Ramble Podcast this week, Central Coast Mariners’ CEO Shaun Mielekamp called on all Mariners fans to get to Newcastle and help re-invigorate the #F3Derby.

“We have an opportunity now for all Mariners supporters to help,” Mielekamp said. “You have the opportunity right now to get on a bus or a train or however you can get to Newcastle and use your Membership card because entry is included as an additional benefit this year, you can help your team, you can sing like crazy, you can help us win.

“Not only is it three points today, not only does it bring the #F3Derby back to life but it will also help the conversation for the club to say this game needs to be on a Saturday night on the Central Coast next season.

“That will allow us to attract more corporate partners, more of a crowd and that is something in our hands right now. Anyone, even if you’re not a Member and you left the club ages ago, even if you don’t want to wear our colours, get there and help us make this game big.

“Our team needs to know that our supporters can give them the extra man they need on the pitch. Use this game as an opportunity so that our players can turn up and go, here we go, this is something, and really get going.

“I’ve been in sport for 13 years and have seen this happen time and time again, players can play out of their skin when they walk into a venue and go WOW, look at this, look at how much support is behind us in enemy territory.

“The long term benefits of this one are huge, I can’t stress that enough. I have always said that there’s one result that means more than anything and we have to finish ahead of Newcastle.

“Everyone can play a part here at this #F3Derby,” Mielekamp said.

Central Coast Mariners Full Season Members all have FREE access to McDonald Jones Stadium by scanning their Membership card. All Members are encouraged to sit together and sing together in Bay 10.

To listen to the full Coast Football Ramble Podcast CLICK HERE


You can book the Six String Brewery Bus to Newcastle for $35 thanks to Coastal Liner and Six String Brewery that includes: Two beverages, pre-game function, food with prizes to be won!

For any Membership queries leading into our first #F3Derby of the season please call CCM HQ on 4353 7200.

Match Details
Hyundai A-League 2016/17 – Round 7
Sunday 20 November 2016
Newcastle Jets vs. Central Coast Mariners
Venue: McDonald Jones Stadium, New Lambton
kick-off: 5:00pm (AEDT)
Pre-Game Function: 2:30pm Sunnyside Tavern, New Lambton
Official hash-tags: #F3Derby & #CCMFC
TV Broadcast: Fox Sports 505
Radio Broadcast: 96.3 Coast FM