Matt Simon addresses FFA Code of Conduct breach


Central Coast Mariners Club Captain, Matt Simon has today addressed the citing from Football Federation Australia (FFA) that relates to conduct engaged immediately after receiving an indirect red card in or around the 95th minute of the Round 20 Hyundai A-League Match between Central Coast Mariners and Brisbane Roar on 22 February 2019.

On Monday, the Mariners received an official notice from FFA that Matt Simon, had been cited under the FFA National Code of Conduct.

Since Friday evening, the Central Coast Mariners have worked closely with Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) to provide a submission to FFA regarding appropriate sanctions to be applied to Simon for breaching the Code of Conduct.

Simon’s full sanction is likely to be known on Monday, March 4 which will be made public upon determination. 

After issuing a written apology to referee Stephen Lucas, Simon would like to make the following statement regarding his actions. 

“Having received a Code of Conduct notice from Football Federation Australia, it is now appropriate for me to confirm my intention to plead guilty to breaching the National Code of Conduct,” Simon said. “I have used the recent days as an opportunity to reflect on my conduct on Friday evening.

“My outburst fell below the standards I set for myself and that, as captain, I set for my team-mates. For this, I apologise to the referee, Stephen Lucas, and have done so in writing.

“Stephen deserves respect for his profession. Like players, referees aspire to reach the top of their craft and deserve support. I undermined this commitment last Friday night.

“I take my role as Captain of my home town club seriously. It is a great honour to represent the fans of Central Coast Mariners and the people of the Central Coast.

“I have always taken great pride in pushing myself, my team-mates and even my opponents as hard as I can to achieve success on the field. I know I often run very close to the line, I like to think that I don’t cross it too often, having only received one red card across 12 years and almost 250 A-League matches.

“On Friday night however, I let the Mariners community down by crossing that line. As someone with a long-term commitment to the Central Coast and to Australian football, I can only ask for the opportunity to make amends for my actions and work even harder to make this club the success it deserves to be,” Simon said.

Further to this, the Central Coast Mariners and Matt Simon, will lodge a submission to Football Federation Australia, which will include the proposed Club sanctions placed on Simon as a result of his behaviour.