Mariners unveil 2023/24 season kits in collaboration with Cikers Australia

The Central Coast Mariners are thrilled to launch the club’s brand-new Isuzu UTE A-League Men’s replica kits for the upcoming 2023/24 season, made by apparel partners Cikers Australia.  

Unveiling the Mariners home, away and third kit along with the three-goalkeeper jerseys, the Central Coast have maintained their championship winning base for the home kit, while creating slick and stunning away and third kit designs. 

The new home kit has a similar look and feel to last season’s Championship Jersey, as the design base becomes the Mariners signature look moving forward. 

After the success found in the jersey last campaign, the club has decided to keep the key aspects of the design, while making a few changes to make the new kit unique for season 2023/24. 

The main change from last season for the home kit is the all blue back, as the navy stripe that goes across the front now wraps around and covers the entire rear of the kit. 

There are also two different shades of yellow used on the front, with a lighter shade featuring in a diamond design pattern. 

Central Coast Mariners CEO Shaun Mielekamp spoke about his pleasure with the new designs for the upcoming season, as well as the club’s partnership with Cikers Australia.

“The most exciting part about this kit launch for me is the fact that it looks so familiar. Not only is it a tribute to the Championship team of last season, but for the first time in the club’s history we are making a clear statement that this is our main jersey,” he said. 

“Heading down this path to have a consistent jersey that fans can expect year in, and year out gives the club a clear jersey identity that will be continued through the years. The away and third jerseys are extremely exciting and we will continue to have fun with them. 

“Working with Cikers Australia and having the direct manufacturing opportunities that we have has unlocked a fantastic quality that I know everyone will love. 

“The part that won’t be noticeable until the players take the field is that this is a darker kit with a full navy back. Combined with the navy shorts it will look like a significantly different strip even though the jersey is quite similar. This jersey is now the Mariners jersey.”  

The away kit still stays true to the navy colour, however, now features white across the shoulders, arms and down the side of the jersey. 

The stunning design also includes a pattern on the front and back of the kit, as well as featuring a white v-neck collar. 

Moving to a colour palette never before seen from the Central Coast Mariners, the club’s third kit combines a sleek cream main body with blue accents around the arms, shoulders, sides and neck. 

The Goalkeeper kits for the 2023/24 season will include an orange, light green and light blue design. 

After winning the A-League Men’s championship last season, all three of the on-field kits will include two special features. 

The first being a gold A-League logo on the right of the chest, symbolising our Champion status. 

The second will be a star above our crest with the number two in it, representing the two Championships that the Central Coast Mariners have won in our 18-year history.  

2023/24 kits will be available for purchase with and without the star and gold badge, as well as the goalkeeper jerseys. 

All three of the new 2023/24 season kits, goalkeeper kits as well as other new off-field products are available to both purchase and pre-order HERE!