Mariners show support for Ukraine

The Mariners have shown their support for the Ukraine after seeing from afar, the horrific events that are being experienced in their country.

Following this showing of support, this message was received from the Ukrainian Premier League:

It is the 14th day after the Russian Federation has invaded a territory of the independent European country and started a full-scale war against Ukrainian people. Every day the aggressor keeps committing war crimes against the civil population by launching multiple rocket attacks at civilian buildings, hospitals, schools and even kindergartens. Lots of Ukrainian lives are already taken, lots are damaged and will never be the same. 

We strongly believe there are no excuses for such violent, cynic and outrageous terrorist crime actions as well as there is no room for the representatives of the aggressor in the European football family. 

We consider that the Russian Federation violates core European principles and regulations, including the football ones: it violates the national competitions and violates the possibility for the clubs to perform at the highest sporting level in a sustainable and competitively balanced environment. 

In this connection, we ask you to use quotes “Stop War” and “Stand with Ukraine.” We believe this is the least what can be done in these hard times for Ukraine to stop this unprecedented aggression.

Yours sincerely,

Ukrainian Premier League