Mariners MyClub


Mariners My Club is a rewards based program entitling clubs to cash-back and discounts on purchases made through the Central Coast Mariners and its program partners.

Becoming a commercial partner of the Mariners My Club program will enable you to promote your products and services to over 74 clubs, reaching over 46,000 players based in Central Coast Football, Manly Warringah Football Association and the Northern Suburbs Football Association.

The benefits don’t stop there, commercial partners involved in the program will have the opportunity to talk directly to each club, not only through a business setting but will also have the opportunity to meet up and socialise with club representatives at Mariners Match-Days and special Mariners My Club events. Commercial partners will also have the benefit of dedicated staff from the Central Coast Mariners, who will promote your products directly into local clubs on the back of promotions that offer benefits directly back to the clubs.

To find out more about becoming a partner of the Mariners My Club program you can email us at or call our office on 4353 7200.