Mariners “breathe life” into pre-season campaign

Members of the Central Coast Mariners have taken time out of training to learn the most important skill of all; how to save a life.

Members of the Central Coast Mariners have taken time out of training to learn the most important skill of all; how to save a life.

Royal Life Saving NSW trainers have put Mariners squad members Danny Vukovic, John Hutchinson and Nigel Boogaard through a CPR training session using the new product, teaching the players the basics about CPR with the aid of their new CPR in a Box Personal Learning Program.

Matt Sharman, Hunter Regional Manager for Royal Life Saving NSW said that in most cases when an emergency occurs, a family member is the first on the scene. “Having the skills to react in an emergency situation can mean the difference between life and death while you wait for emergency care to arrive,” he added.

The CPR in a Box Personal Learning Program is a revolutionary method of teaching CPR. This resource allows families, friends and the general public to learn the core skills of CPR for adults and children in just 30 minutes using their own personal kit. The kit contains everything needed to learn basic CPR, and skills can be learned anywhere, from the comfort of a family home to a large community group setting. It is great, easy and flexible learning solution, delivered in line with Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines.

Team members praised the hands on approach of CPR in a Box.

“It’s a scary thought having to apply CPR, but now knowing the knowledge we’ve been given, I’d feel confident I could help out in one of those situations.

“It’s got everything you need to know in it and I’d encourage everyone to have a look at it. The more people who know CPR, the safer the community that we live in,” said Mariners goalkeeper Danny Vukovic.

“My wife’s been on my back to get it done for a little while now with the little baby due in three or four weeks, so it was something I needed to learn. We’ve got a pool in the backyard too, so CPR will be good, because when he gets older and we start having parties, if anyone got into trouble in the pool I could jump in and save them now.

“We’ll probably put the instructional DVD on and sit down with the mannequin and have a couple of goes at it, and see how we go from there,” said Mariners midfielder John Hutchinson.

“Everyone is a bit nervous in those situations, but having the knowledge behind you knowing you are doing the right thing in those circumstances, it’s pleasing to have that behind you.

“We can share it with family members and hopefully get them to sit down to watch the DVD, so they can take in everything we have today, and if a situation came up they would be able to perform CPR on someone” said Mariners defender Nigel Boogaard.

CPR checklist:
– Do you have resuscitation skills?
– Are they current? (I.e. have they been updated in the last 12 months?)
– Do you have a resuscitation poster visible around the home and in the pool area?
– Do you have emergency numbers near your phone?

To order your CPR in a Box Personal Learning Program ($49.50) or to enrol in a face-to-face
course, call the Sydney office on (02) 9634 3700 or the Hunter Region office on (02) 4929 5600 or click here.

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