Mariners and Jets unveil the F3 Derby Trophy

The Central Coast Mariners and Newcastle Jets have agreed to symbolize the F3 Derby with a trophy to represent the rivalry.

A core drill sample of the M1 Motorway, formerly known as the F3, to create this unique trophy which brings to life the rivalry of the F3 Derby.

Famously called the F3 Derby due to it being the original name of the motorway that joins Newcastle to the Central Coast, the rivalry has become one of the most recognised and famous in the Isuzu UTE A-League.

Each year the two clubs play for bragging rights, with the winner declared to own the F3. This will now be a reality, with a concrete core piece of the motorway to be forever held by the superior team at that time.

The Central Coast Mariners are the current holders of the F3 Derby trophy after completing the clubs first ever 3-0 sweep of the Jets last season, with the bragging rights awarded annually to whoever wins the best of three matches. In the event that there is an equal split of points in a season, the trophy will be retained by the current holders.

CEO of the Central Coast Mariners Shaun Mielekamp is excited to be a part of something unique to the Australian sporting landscape.

“The concept was initially floated by the Newcastle Jets and as soon as we heard this, we thought we would see if it was possible. It was, and now there is something that is one of the most unique ideas I have seen in Australian sport.”

“There is something about this that just makes me smile every time I think of the concept and to bring to life the notion of playing for a piece of concrete drilled out of the motorway is as A-League as it gets, and like many others I love the A-League for it.”

Newcastle Jets Executive Chairman Shane Mattiske is eager to bring the F3 trophy back to the Hunter region.

“The F3 Derby is a famous rivalry and one that means so much to our players, our fans, our members and our club. It’s great to now have a trophy to fight for and I know our players will be excited by the thought of earning the right to hold that trophy high and to bring it back to Newcastle for all of our community.”

“A big thanks to Shaun and his team for doing the work to make it a reality ahead of our first F3 Derby game this Sunday.”

Minister for Metropolitan Roads Natalie Ward believes this trophy is an added incentive for one of the A-League’s biggest rivalries.  

“The F3 Derby now has a prize to rival the FIFA World Cup Trophy, because there is nothing more iconic than the F3 for those who live across the Central Coast and Newcastle,” Mrs Ward said.

“The F3 represents a thread that unites our northern coastline and now players have an opportunity to win a piece of this sacred stretch of highway that will inspire not only the stars of the Jets and Mariners but A-League stars of the future.”

The F3 Derby is one of the most hotly contested in the entire Isuzu UTE A-League, having taken place 56 times since the very first in 2005. Since then, the Mariners have won it 20 times, the Jets 18 alongside 18 draws.

Both Mielekamp and Mattiske met at the Hue Hue Road overpass at the Freeway to take photos of the trophy at the midpoint of the highway.

The rivalry continues this weekend with the Mariners and Jets set to face off at Industree Group Stadium on Sunday December 11th at 3pm.

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