Mariners Academy continues to build unique player development pathways for male & female footballers through Upper 90 Partnership

The Central Coast Mariners Academy is thrilled to announce a ground-breaking partnership with Upper 90, which will make the company the official USA college soccer-football pathway partner of the Central Coast Mariners Academy.

Upper 90 College is a USA College sport recruitment company that works with multiple university & college programs across the United States. 

They help guide student athletes and their families with how to access scholarship opportunities across all divisions of college sports in America and to find the right sporting and academic fit for individuals. 

Together, the Mariners and Upper 90 will facilitate opportunities for footballers of different levels to explore what College sport has to offer. 

Upper 90 spokesperson John Stevanja is pleased to have partnered up with the Central Coast Mariners Academy which has a track record of producing quality footballers. 

The US college system is a proven process whereby players can access scholarships that give them best of both worlds,” he said. 

“This includes a range of scholarship and playing standard levels for male and female football players, as well as educational bridging courses to college levels, first class college sporting infrastructure, facilities, coaching and scouting networks, as well as a range of post college semi pro and professional football leagues.

“Upper 90 have provided access to sporting and academic scholarships to Australian athletes for 13 years now and we have seen incredible success for our clients as sporting and academic levels.”

Central Coast Mariners men’s academy first grade coach Abbas Saad is excited to see the club add another bow to the Academy’s string, providing opportunities for all members. 

“This is an exciting new partnership that comes at a time when the Academy is entering an incredible period having had lots of player development success, including being rated the number one academy in Asia,” he said.  

“This partnership is a great opportunity for those Academy players that may not be quite ready for first team promotion or who want to balance their academic opportunities as well as football development moving forward. The opportunity will give players a chance to both improve their academics and football overseas in a tried and tested college system, before potentially returning to Australia in the hunt for an A-League contract.”  

Central Coast Mariners Chairman Richard Peil is delighted to be able to announce the strategic partnership with an organisation like Upper 90.

“Having experienced US professional and college sports for many years I am convinced that this relationship with Upper 90 will be a wonderful addition to our Mariners Academy pathways where we as a club are totally devoted to providing the best opportunities for young football players to develop, grow and get the opportunity to shine,” he said. 

“I have seen first-hand that some players blossom at later stages and also as a parent understand the importance of blending education as well as sports – we are delighted to have announced this strategic partnership with such a proven & well-established organisation as Upper 90.”