Izzo: We need to keep faith in our playing style


Paul Izzo leads the Hyundai A-League in saves made this season and says that positive results are inevitable if the Central Coast Mariners keep faith in their playing style.

After a tight 1-0 loss to Wellington Phoenix the 22-year-old shot stopper says that despite an early goal conceded and tough conditions, the Mariners deserved more from their trip to New Zealand.

“It is disappointing because the game against Wellington is one that we should have taken something from,” Izzo said. “If you take away their goal and at the end when we were chasing the game and left ourselves open, they didn’t create too much or really test me at all in the first half – they had one opportunity and they took it.

“We’ll keep flying under the radar, we know that we’re playing well and hopefully soon the results start to come our way and we will start turning heads,” Izzo said.

When asked about the team’s progress from last season, the former Young Socceroo gloveman said that Okon has taken the team lightyears ahead of where they were in season 11.

“You can’t compare this season to last season, we’re competitive we’re pushing teams to the end,” Izzo said. “Teams aren’t dominating us, our own errors let us down but teams respect us, they don’t want to press us because we have the ability to play – we are a much better side than last season.

“I don’t like to talk about last season but I’m happy with how I’m travelling this season, obviously there are things that I want to improve and get better on and I’m sure if I get better I can have an impact on some results,” Izzo said.

Izzo arrived at the Central Coast Mariners from Adelaide in July 2015 and says that he would love to remain on the Coast beyond this campaign and has ‘matured unbelievably’ thanks to his exposure to the Hyundai A-League.

“I love it here,” Izzo said. “The club is fantastic, we’re taking steps forward and everyone that is coming off contract wants to be a part of this place so we will work hard for the rest of the season and see what happens.

“We can’t listen to the people on the outside.

“We just need to keep pushing forward and keep believing in the way we play because that’s the only way we will progress.

“There are always people out there that you won’t be able to make happy. It’s always good to have those people pushing you on because it only makes you better as a player and that’s what every player needs.

“I’ve said it before, it comes down to what I experienced last season and that matured me unbelievably despite how things went,” Izzo said. “It’s an experience that I went through, it’s an experience that I’ve taken into this season – it’s a small positive compared to what happened but one that I’ll take,” Izzo said.