Free Kicks | Trent Sainsbury

THE in-form defender speaks on ‘King Zwanny’, golf, the Mariners and just how much he loves Mel Gibson.

You-re a bit of a golfer off the field, we hear you hit the links a bit; tell us about that, because belly putters are now banned.
Yeah, I like the golf but I don-t have one (belly putter), none of that stuff.

Which other boys at the club are good for a game?
Michael McGlinchey (the weak salmon) he-s pretty good, Patrick Zwaanswijk is really good, but that-s no shock because he-s really good at everything and loves to tell you about it. Zac Anderson and Brent Griffiths also go alright.

We have a bit of a muck around and play for skins.

There are some good courses up the Central Coast, do you have a favourite?
Two that are up there, Kooindah Waters and Magenta Shores are both pretty good, so I enjoy them.

Who has the longest drive at the club?
I-ll actually put my hand up for that one, I-ve got a nice Nike driver and hit it alright.

If you could play anywhere in the world where would it be?
There would be a few places but I hear there are some good courses in Dubai, so there.

Have you got a favourite golf moment?
Probably when Bubba (Watson) won The Masters this year, that hooking wedge he ripped from the trees to beat Oosthuizen was pretty special.

Back to Zwanny, talented guy then?
He-s great at card tricks, talking to people, he can yap on for hours, doesn-t matter what he does. He is King Zwanny!

Does that ever get old?
If he didn-t have a Dutch accent it would, but because of the accent you just can-t take him serious.

Does he have good football stories?
Yeah he was a top professional and has some great stories, but they-re for another day?

Mate, he-s a big boy, but you have a few others. If you had to get into a physical altercation with a teammate, who would you least like it to be?
I-d like to say Matt Simon, but he-s not here anymore, so I-m gonna say Zac Anderson, he-s huge!

You-re originally from Perth, where-s better Perth or Gosford?
Perth hands down, but Gosford would be my second choice of anywhere. They are very similar, both laidback, but all my friends and family are in Perth.

Does the family give you some when you-re back there?
Yeah most of my friends and my family are Glory supporters, so I get a bit of stick off them. If I one day score a goal against them there, I-ll let them know about it for sure though.

If you weren-t a footballer what would you be doing?
Bricklayer or a barista.

Interesting, any cooking skills to go with the barista gig?
Yeah I cook a mean omelette or a mean baked beans on toast.

Favourite band
Red Hot Chilli Peppers without a doubt, but I won-t be going Big Day Out, I-m not a fan of festivals.

Favourite movie and TV Show.
TV is Entourage and as for movies it would have to be the patriot or Braveheart, something about Mel Gibson-s eyes gets me every time.

If you could have played anywhere where would it have been?
Chelsea or Real Madrid, my dad followed Chelsea when I was growing up and I just jumped on the bandwagon.

Is it true defenders make the best spot-kick takers?
We give away a few so we might as well get some back to get the average up, but I wouldn-t give them to left-footers.

Would you take them?
Na, I-d lose my lunch before I got near it and Zwanny is ‘the best- obviously!

Finish some sentences for us please Trent.

Graham Arnold is… angry!

Matty Ryan will be… a superstar.

My teammates would say I am… laidback

I-m most likely to beat Patrick Zwaanswijk in… an English pronunciation assignment.

Brilliant. Thanks Trent, good luck on the weekend.
Cheers buddy, thanks.