COMMUNITY: Mariners Program in Pre-Schools


The Central Coast Mariners have teamed up with Central Coast Local Health District on a program that encourages children’s healthy eating and physical activity, as well less time on mobile devices.

The program compliments the existing Central Coast Local Health District Munch & Move Program. the aim of the game is to educate children about the advantages of eating healthy food and spending more time being active through a range of story telling and games.

‘Run All Day The Mariners Way’ is a collaboration between CCM and Central Coast Local Health District to complement the existing Munch & Move program already delivered in local pre-schools and early childhood centres by Central Coast Local Health District.

Much and Move
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Adam Kwasnik, who now works across both the Central Coast Mariners Community Department and the International Football School, has just finished delivering the three-week pilot program alongside IFS Educator, Melissa Trew.

Together, Kwasnik and Trew tell the story ‘Run All Day The Mariners Way’ which is a children’s story about a Magic Lunchbox. The Magic Lunch box helps children decide which foods are good for them and which foods are sometimes foods and includes one of the Mariners’ Mascots (The Captain) as one of the main characters in the story.

During this story, The Captain is taught the importance of eating the right foods, to give you the energy to “Run all day, the Mariners way” and learns the importance of hydration.

Much and Move
Illustrations from  ‘Run All Day The Mariners Way’

After the three-week program, the children take home an interactive educational kit that includes a copy of ‘Run All Day The Mariners Way’ book, a soft ball that includes healthy eating messages and their very own Magic Lunchbox that the children can fill with healthy food to take to school.

Early childhood is the ideal time for children to form healthy food and physical activity habits that will give them the best chance of maintaining a healthy weight throughout their lives. It is also a great time to cultivate the fundamental movement skills and confidence children need to enjoy physical activities at school

The six key messages that form the basis of ‘Run All Day The Mariners Way’ are:

  • Choose water as a drink
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Choose healthier snacks
  • Get active each day
  • Turn off the television and computer and get active
  • Encourage and support breastfeeding

Central Coast Mariners’ Community Manager Carly Carmichael thanked Central Coast Local Health District for involving the Mariners in such a valuable pre-school program.

“The Central Coast Mariners are excited to team up with Central Coast Local Health District and deliver a program to pre-school children that teaches healthy eating and an active lifestyle,” Carmichael said. “We can’t thank Central Coast Local Health District enough for having us involved.

“What’s great about this program is it encourages children to take this message home with them. Rather than handing them a piece of paper that usually ends up with banana squashed into it, the kids take home a soft ball and magic lunchbox that carry all of the healthy eating messages they have been taught during Run All Day The Mariners Way’ 

“The program also involves fun and simple football drills that promote physical activity. We want to reduce the amount of time small children spend looking at screens and there’s no better way than having a kick,” Carmichael said.  

The three week ‘Run All Day The Mariners Way’ program was a pilot program and the Central Coast Mariners are currently seeking funding from a third party sponsor to continue rolling this fantastic initiative out across all pre-schools on the Central Coast.

Please contact Carly Carmichael at CCM HQ on 4353 7200 or via e-mail on if you would like to get involved. 

Much and Move
Illustrations from  ‘Run All Day The Mariners Way’