Central Coast Mariners and MATE extend major sponsor partnership

The Central Coast Mariners are excited to announce that they have extended the partnership with their good friends at MATE, as they continue their role as major sponsor for the next two seasons. 

After joining the Mariners as a co-major partner in 2019, MATE took on the role as full-time major sponsor of the club for the 2021/22 season. 

The iconic MATE brand has featured on the front of Mariners shirts since the beginning of the 2019/20 A-League season and was pride of place on the Mariners A-League Championship winning jersey. 

Together, MATE and the Central Coast Mariners have been able to bring to life multiple ‘Bring a MATE through the gate’ initiatives over the partnership, while also helping with the MATE cashback membership offer for the past season.

Mariners CEO Shaun Mielekamp is extremely pleased to see the partnership extended for an extra two seasons. 

“This is an exciting announcement for the club and is a clear sign of the continued commitment to the Mariners, football and the Central Coast community by our great friends at MATE. Since initially partnering with MATE, together we have been on a great journey which has seen the club grow and develop into what we are today.

“The partnership with MATE is now embedded in A-League history as that famous grand final jersey will never be forgotten. They represent the same family values and passion for the community that we do, a smaller organisation proving that they can do better that the big powerhouses in their industry. 

“I want to take the opportunity to thank both David and Mark Fazio for their continued support and passion for the club. They bring so much more to the Mariners than anyone gets to see; they are a part of our family, and we are a part of theirs. They are not only football fans but huge believers in the Central Coast and have a serious passion and interest for the community.”

MATE Co-CEO Mark Fazio is excited to continue the partnership with the A-League champions.

“MATE is made by family, for family. Despite facing fierce competition in the market, we have emerged as resilient underdogs, leading the way and leaving a mark that rivals the industry giants. Just as the Mariners have achieved remarkable success in the A-League, our partnership exemplifies the power of unwavering passion, dedication, and a strong sense of community, triumphing against all odds.”