Bring mates through the gates

Join us as we take on Newcastle Jets and bring as many of your MATES with you for FREE!

Members can bring as many mates as they want to the game on Saturday to create a special atmosphere for our last home game of the season.

How can you get these tickets?
1. Fill in the survey via this link
2. MATES will be instructed how to activate the code when it is sent to their email later on this week.

Make sure you enter one email for each MATE so they are sent their code directly. Otherwise all codes will be sent to one email and it will be up to the Member/MATE to distribute them.

**I have more than ten friends I want to bring**

If you have more than ten friends to bring along, download the Google Sheet linked here  and fill in the required details.* Put each person’s details on a separate row and if possible supply a unique email address for each MATE.

*To download the template, go to File>Download>Microsoft Excel and then edit on your own computer

Please send the completed sheet to and the codes shall be generated and sent to you. MATES will be instructed how to activate the code when it is sent to their email later on this week.

Remember that the FREE tickets are for General Admission seating only so any members in reserved seats who want to bring their MATES for free will not be able to bring them up to their reserved seat section. You can however go and sit in General Admission seating with them.

Bring a MATE FAQ’S
Q – Can I bring my MATES up to reserved seats with these tickets?
A – No – these tickets are for General Admission seating, if they want to sit in Reserved Seating then they must purchase a seperate ticket.

Q – Is this available for every membership type?
A – Yes – even if you are non-ticketed/MyClub or have used all of your part season membership, we have opened the gates so you can all get into this game. You can scan your regular membership card to get access to this game.

Q – How do I get my tickets?
A – The MATE shall receive an email from us with a code and instructions on how to redeem that code later on this week. The code has to be redeemed via Ticketek. The code shall be sent to the email provided when filling in the survey/sheet.

Q – Can kids use this promo?
A – If a kid is a member they can enter in their MATES details with a parent’s email address to receive the code and information on how to redeem.

Q – Can we put multiple tickets through one email address?
A – Yes, but we prefer if you enter one email for each MATE so each MATE is sent their code individually. Otherwise one person will have to distribute the codes.

Q – What if General Admission fills up?
A – We have plans in place to accommodate attendees if the GA bays are filling up. Please listen out for any announcements on match day if this is occurs.