BREAKING NEWS: Central Coast Mariners form partnership with Everton


The Central Coast Mariners are proud to announce an official partnership with English Premier League’s Everton Football club that will have player development at the forefront of the relationship.

The partnership presents great opportunities for the Mariners, who now have a direct link to a legendary and prestigious English Premier League club. The agreement will also work both ways, with Everton hoping to utilise the Hyundai A-League as a way for their Under-21 Development players to benefit from the chance of first team football with The Mariners.

The relationship is being progressed by Everton’s Joe Royle who is responsible for the final phase of player development at the Premier League club and has worked closely with Mariners newly appointed associate director Peter Storrie.

While non-exclusive and exploratory, this could allow Under-21 Development players to experience first team football on loan with the Mariners during the summer months, if Development Co-ordinator Royle and manager Roberto Martinez believe it could assist in their path to the Everton first team.

Everton’s Development Co-ordinator noted the respect the Merseyside club holds for Australian football.

“We have a long association with Australian players here at Everton – as far back as the 1960s I played with Dennis Yaager in the youth team – and all Evertonians will remember the contribution Tim Cahill made to the Club. So we believe this is something with the potential to benefit the Club,” Royle said.

Phil Moss spoke nothing but positive words about the club’s next step in continuing the development of world class talent.

“Make no mistake, this is a truly great day for this football club,” Moss said.

“It’s fantastic news for not only the Mariners, but the A-League that we’ve got a real tangible link with an English Premier League club off the back of what Manchester City is doing with Melbourne City,” Moss said.

“It opens up the door to player exchanges and resource sharing between the clubs and the coaching staff and there is hopefully the opportunity for myself and my staff to get over there and study the way they do things.

“It should be seen as a real opportunity for my players to develop as footballers and take their game to another level whilst also being under the watchful eye of the Everton coaching staff. We will be in very close contact with them and keeping them aware of players coming through our system as they will be with us: for potential future first team players of Everton coming out here for some quality game time at a very high level,” Moss said.

“We are in a very exciting rebuilding phase for the Mariners and to be able to establish a link with a club like Everton is testament to what we are about as a club.”