#AskArnold Transcript


MARINERS mastermind Graham Arnold took time-out on Friday to answer your questions as posted on Twitter and Facebook. Here were his responses to your questions.

MARINERS mastermind Graham Arnold took time-out on Friday to answer your questions as posted on Twitter and Facebook. Here were his responses to your questions.

Sandy Louise via Facebook asked: Is their any substance to the Jason Culina to Mariners rumour?
Arnold: No, we will not be signing Jason Culina. He is a great player but not on our radar.

@aussie_richo via Twitter asked: Do you think the club should set up a tradition and get a song?
Arnold: Yes. It would be great to have a club song for when the players come on the field & before they leave the pitch.

@LachlanLacy via Twitter asked: Are you looking at any more players joining our squad after our captain has moved on? What position?
Arnold: Yes we are looking to strengthen in midfield and defence.

Christopher Crocker via Facebook asked: How long do the boys need to take train a day or week?
Arnold: We train 2-4 hours six days per week.

@cbowden9000 via Twitter asked: How does it feel to = LEGEND?
Arnold: I wish I was a legend but thanks for the compliment.

Amanda McDonnell via Facebook asked: Any plans for a striker?
Arnold: We have five good strikers. Sterjovski, Ibini, McBreen, Duke & Kwasnik.

Scott Beecham via Facebook asked: Any chance we will see the boys play before the season starts?
Arnold: Yes, we will be announcing our pre-season games soon. Sorry for the delay. We start games mid-August.

@ieathands via Twitter asked: What improvements to the team should we expect to see this year? When are we unveiling the brass statue of Wilko at Bluetongue?
Arnold: I like stability and stability breeds confidence. There is a lot of improvement in our young boys. Top idea re Wilko.

@chrisomni via Twitter asked: Let-s talk about the elephant in the room, how will you strengthen the squad without much money, and the Russians seemingly gone?
Arnold: We will put faith in our kids again, the special Mariners culture, and we still have some recruiting to do.

Jack Elvers via Facebook asked: Is Zac Anderson a possible starter now that Wilkinson is gone?
Arnold: Yes, Zac Anderson and Trent Sainsbury will both have the chance to play alongside Zwaanswijk.

@scottmac333 via Twitter asked: Who do you see as the most exciting prospect of our promoted youngsters for this year?
Arnold: I’m expecting a lot from all of them. That’s why we rewarded them with full-time contracts. They have talent!

@doggedtim via Twitter asked: Any idea when the confirmation of replacement captain for Wilko will be announced?
Arnold: I am in no hurry to name the new captain. But it will be from one of the older boys.

@marinerfish via Twitter asked: In your playing career who was your toughest opponent and best you played with?
Arnold: Toughest opponents were Jaap Stam and Frank Rijkaard. Played with many great players here and abroad.

@Choppy71 via Twitter asked: Playing in Canberra this year?
Arnold: We are not playing in Canberra this year, sorry. Due to the ACL extending our season we couldn’t factor a trip in.

@Jovinho10 via Twitter asked: Why are you always angry?
Arnold: I try not to be angry it’s just that I am competitive and I like to win!

@andygreenpoint via Twitter asked: Last year we had the preseason test against @celticfc. Do the @CCMariners have any similar matches planned this preseason?
Arnold: Unfortunately not. But last pre-season we only played two #aleague teams, this time we have four.

Mustafa Amini Fans via Facebook asked: Amini is playing in defensive midfield for Dortmund now. Why did you never play him in that position after Rostyn left?
Arnold: We considered playing Mustafa at defensive midfield though we only have 1 DM. In Germany they play with 2.

Mustafa Amini Fans via Facebook asked: Will you give Caceres a chance to start at defensive midfield?
Arnold: Anthony Caceres has a lot of potential. He will be considered throughout the season. Doing well.

@PaulGGGunter via Twitter asked: Does the Kit Manager/masseuse/glorified ball boy, McNab, work hard enough? And does he pay team fines?
Arnold: We’re trying to get Pauly to work harder but he does pay fines. He’s nearly the team sponsor!

@Muppetbhoy via Twitter asked: How do you sum up your coaching philosophy?
Arnold: My philosophy is possession based with good attacking football, but an emphasis on our defensive structure.

@AndrewFCirillo via Twitter asked: Will we see more of Pellegrino this year? I think he was an underutilised player last year!
Arnold: This is a big year for Pellegrino. He is working hard so we look forward to his contribution.

@Muppetbhoy via Twitter asked: How much time is spent on video analysis and talking tactics in the shed?
Arnold: I spend 20 hours a week doing video analysis with John Crawley and then delivering the info to the players.

@smyle07 via Twitter asked: Winning trophies attracts sponsors, fans etc whilst player sales bring in $$ too. How do you balance these?
Arnold: No individual player or coach is bigger than any club. The club is the most important thing.