QUOTES: ‘Hutch’ stirs the pot ahead of #F3Derby


Assistant Coach & club legend John Hutchinson has fired the first shot in the lead up to our first #F3Derby of the season. Hear what he had to say to the Newcastle Herald​ about the Jets & Scott Miller.

John Hutchinson has played in more F3 Derbies than any other player, so it’s only fitting that he would fire the first shot ahead of the first #F3Derby of the season this Saturday. Full article can be accessed by clicking here.

Here’s what ‘Hutch’ had to say about his memories of Scott Miller as a player and the #F3Derby in yesterday’s interview with the Newcastle Herald. 

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“I was in the first team at the time and he [Scott Miller] was in the youth team,” Hutchinson said. 

“I was under-age and when the youth team made the finals I came down and played.

“He was a defender, quite good and aggressive.

“I’m not sure if that has changed.

“I actually know the Miller family and watched Scott go overseas as a coach.

“He has done a great job.

“Most coaches who get a team that finishes last, they have to work back to front.” the former midfielder said.

“He has done that.

“They have been hard to break down in the games I have watched.

“They get good numbers behind the ball and are well organised.

“I have always said it’s a big game, especially for our members,” Hutchinson said.

“This club has always done better than what Newcastle has done.

“Newcastle is a bigger region and probably deserve a better football team than they have had in the past… The only thing Newcastle has that we haven’t is a wooden spoon.”

“It is different in that I know I won’t be going on the field chasing people, but it is the same feeling with regards to what it means,” Hutchinson said.

“That will never change.

“I think the past couple of years it has lost a bit of passion.

“I’m sure it will be back. We have a lot of young boys in our team. They are a fired-up bunch, who roll their sleeves up and have a go.

“It’s my job to pass on what it means to be in a derby and what it means for our club.

“Last derby was probably the most boring game of football I have watched,” he said.

“When Tony Walmsley took over [from Phil Moss] we changed our style.

“We were privileged to have Graham Arnold up here as a coach.

“He did a wonderful job with the team and we played great attacking football.

“We are trying to do the same with this team.

“They [Mariners] are fearless, why not let the kids play. They want to play, they want to press. Let’s do it within a structure, make sure it’s done properly.

“Newcastle obviously like to get men behind the ball. It will be a good game to watch.”