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New Mariners Development Program leads the country in youth football development

An exciting new partnership sees the Central Coast Mariners and the International Football School combining to deliver world class youth football development on the Central Coast. Parents now have a clear pathway to enable their children to first develop a love of football then build the technical skills, tactical abilities and mental fortitude to take them as far as they hope to go.

Mariners Development offers a range of programs to suit every player, from five through to 16 years of age. Whether your child is a footballing beginner, a local club player, a rep squad member or simply wants to give their game a more skilful edge, we have a program to suit their needs.

Mariners Development Programs

Mini Mariners Programs (age 5 to 9 years)
The major focus of this stage is to make football fun so participants enjoy the game and start establishing a real passion for football. Players will develop the ability to master the ball and, as they get older, learn to act with the ball purposefully.

Junior Mariners Programs (age 9 to 13 years)
Participants in Junior Mariners programs have generally started playing at club or representative level. This is the decisive age for gaining the perfect technical foundation for playing at the highest level. The focus continues to be learning to act purposefully with the ball, moving to learning to play together purposefully. Older and more advanced players start to learn positions and basic tasks in the larger game format.

Mariners Development Programs (age 13 to 16 years)
The focus at this level is applying functional game skills through a game-related approach, developing tactical awareness, insight and decision-making. This program is targeted towards players participating at a high level in club football.

Futsal Programs
Building on our already highly successful outdoor program, Mariners Development now includes Friday Night Futsal. An ideal development tool for up and coming players, Futsal develops players in this high intensity game which kids love.

Mariners Development is the only football program on the Central Coast endorsed by the Central Coast Mariners.

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