2022/23 Membership FAQ

We are excited to announce that our 2022/23 Memberships will be available for renewal for current Members from Monday 6  June 2022!

You will have an exclusive Early Bird period to renew your Membership until Monday 4 July 2022.

It is important to note that current Full-Season Members who have registered for the Auto-Renewal Option will have their membership rolled over automatically on Wednesday 1 June for the Early Bird price. 

Non-Ticketed, 3 & 6 Game Members and other part season memberships are not eligible for the auto-renewal and will need to renew manually online or by calling Mariners HQ. 

Members will receive an e-mail closer to the on-sale date with information on how to renew their Membership if they don’t choose the Auto-Renew option. 


Q. What will the 2022/23 Membership pricing be?

A. 2021/22 Members will be offered an exclusive Early Bird price if they renew between Monday 6 June – Sunday 3 July 2022. After this date, the price will rise and Memberships will be available for purchase by new Members. 

Please note that pricing is subject to change, and inclusions and final pricing will be published prior to the roll-over date. 


Pricing will be released with our Auto Renewal Notice next month.


Q. How do I lock in my reserved seat for Season 2022/23?

A. All current reserved seat Members who are renewing for the 2022/2023 Season will be automatically allocated their 2021/22 Seating. 

Q. I would like to move to another seat – is that possible? 

A. If you wish to move to a new seat, please contact our Membership team on memberships@ccmariners.com.au with the names of those in your party, Membership Numbers and best contact information. We will then discuss with you different seats that are available and find one that suits.

Q. I have a particular seating request – how can I let you know? 

A. If you have a particular seating request please e-mail memberships@ccmariners.com.au with your request and the Membership team will be in touch once the Early Bird period is over to discuss your request.

Q. Will the bays remain the same as the 2021/22 season?

A. The bays will remain the same as they were this season. If any changes are to happen during the season members will be updated.

Q. Will Paramount+ still be included in memberships?

A. Paramount+ is currently still scheduled to be part of your membership, but whether it will be an Add-On option or included in your membership has yet to be determined. Once a decision has been made on this it will be communicated to all members.


Q. How do I know if I have Opted-In for the Automatic Roll-over? 

A. Click here to visit the Membership Portal, and select ‘My Account’. Log in with your details and see the ‘Renewal Options’ in your account. If the check box is ticked, your Membership will roll-over automatically on Wednesday 1 June 2021. 

Q. I want to Opt-Out – how can I do this?

A. If you wish to Opt-out, simply click the check box to remove the tick and save. You can also contact our Membership team on 02 4353 7200. Please note that you have until 4:59pm on Friday 27 May 2022 to confirm your roll-over preference. 

Q. I want to remain Opted-in, how can i make sure my payment details are correct?

A. You can update your payment details anytime through the Membership Portal, and selecting My Account and choosing the Payment Details tab. Here you can provide up to date Payment Details – please remember to select Save.  Otherwise call the Membership team on 02 4353 7200 and we can update the details for you.

Q. I was on a Part-Payment plan last year – will I remain on a Part-Payment plan this season if I choose to roll-over automatically? 

A. Yes – Members who were on a Part Payment plan in 2021/22 and choose the auto roll-over option will remain on a Part Payment plan, with their monthly fee being debited from their card on the 10th of each month. Please note that a fee of $10 will be incurred for any monthly payments that do not process due to incorrect payment details or expired cards. 

For Members who paid in full up front last season and wish to auto roll-over their Membership will be debited the full amount from their card on 1 June 2022. 

If a Member wishes to change their preference (move from part payment to full, or vice versa) they are required to contact the Membership team on 02 4353 7200 or email memberships@ccmariners.com.au no later than midday on Friday 27 May 2022. 


Q. Some of my personal information has changed (e.g. address, phone number etc) – how can I update this? 

A. You can update your information online! Simply visit the Membership Portal, log in to your account and update your information. If you’re the parent account holder for others in your Family Membership, you will be able to update their details as well. You can also contact our Membership team on memberships@ccmariners.com.au or call 02 4353 7200 

Have a question that hasn’t been answered above? Please contact us on 02 4353 7200 or email memberships@ccmariners.com.au 

For local businesses interested in Mariners Corporate Network Membership please contact corporate@ccmariners.com.au